On "Personal Responsibility" Rhetoric

We expect teen girls to have babies they don't want and can’t afford to have because "personal responsibility" but we can't make a 45-year-old white man wear a mask during a pandemic because this is America.

These white men who refuse to wear masks are walking teaching lessons about how rhetoric about "personal responsibility" is essentially racist and sexist because it never, never, ever applies to white men.

"You need to take personal responsibility!" spit-yells the white man at the beggar from his $45,000 truck that he never uses for hauling, only to throw up many metric tons of carbon into the sky while he sits there idling in a Wawa parking lot.

"We can't support welfare policy in this country because it somehow detracts from women's ability to take personal responsibility for her choices, even if those choices were to marry a man who became an alcoholic, abandoned his kids and left her completely fucked for doing exactly what we told her to do,” hollers the preacher man.

"Poor people need to take accountability for their poverty," yells the billionaire President, whose criminal ineptitude is so bad that it's killing his own people monthly by the thousands.

"We can't give subsidy checks to poor people every month for the rest of time. If we did that, they would stop taking responsibility for being poor," explains the suitface legislator as though that explains it.

"Those thugs need to be taught some personal responsibility!" yells the white man who paid a criminal defense attorney thousands and thousands of dollars to get his teen sons' drug charges dropped.

But you know, personal responsibility, etcetera.